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- ome

Suffix referring to the entire spectrum of a type of entity being expressed in a given cell or tissue, e.g., genome, proteome, (DNA) methylome, secretome.


Suffix indicating a type of cell.


Suffix denoting an excess of a substance or a cell type in the blood.


Denoting a benign or malignant growth.


Aiding in or supporting survival.


Referring to a nucleotide that has lost its purine or pyrimidine base.


To eliminate.


Located away from the lumen of a duct or other hollow structure.


Horizontal or x-axis of a Cartesian graph.


Final step of cytokinesis, when the remaining linkages, including those created by microtubules, are severed, allowing complete separation of the two daughter cells.

Viewing 1 - 10 of 1054 results

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