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Human Evolutionary Genetics

Origins, Peoples and Disease

Mark Jobling, Chris Tyler-Smith
Publication Date:
December 04, 2003
Content Details:
544 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Human Evolutionary Genetics is a groundbreaking text which for the first time brings together molecular genetics and genomics to the study of the origins and movements of human populations.

    Starting with an overview of molecular genomics for the non-specialist (which can be a useful review for those with a more genetic background), the book shows how data from the post-genomic era can be used to examine human origins and the human colonisation of the planet, richly illustrated with genetic trees and global maps. For the first time in a textbook, the authors outline how genetic data and the understanding of our origins which emerges, can be applied to contemporary population analyses, including genealogies, forensics and medicine.


      "I strongly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in human evolutionary genetics or anthropological genetics. It would be an ideal choice for advanced undergraduates and graduate courses on this topic, and would also be a key reference for those active in such research." - Human Genomics

      "This is an absolutely superb book! I have been recommending it enthusiastically to professional colleagues, graduate students, and even the occasional highly motivated undergraduate student, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only is the book unique in terms of topical coverage, but it is also extremely well executed. In fact, it is one of the best textbooks on any subject I have ever read. It belongs on the shelves of everyone interested in the genetic aspects of human evolution. There is also much of value in it for paleoanthropologists, historical linguistics, archaeologists, and human biologists (biological anthropologists), as well as for geneticists with various complementary specialties and interests." - American Journal of Human Genetics

      "I strongly recommend Human Evolutionary Genetics as an undergraduate textbook. At the same time, I recommend this book to any readers with an interest in human evolution or human genetics." - Human Genetics

  • Contents

    Section 1: Introduction
    1. Why Study Human Evolutionary Genetics?

    Section 2: How do we study Genome Diversity?
    2. Structure, Function and Inheritance of the Human Genome
    3. The Diversity of the Human Genome
    4. Discovering and Assaying Genome Diversity

    Section 3: How do we Interpret Genetic Variation?
    5. Processes Shaping Diversity
    6. Making Inferences from Diversity

    Section 4: Where and When did Humans Originate?
    7. Human Apes 
    8. Origins of Modern Humans

    Section 5: How did Humans Colonize the World?
    9. The Distribution of Diversity - Out of Africa and into Asia, Australia and Europe
    10. Agricultural Expansions
    11. Into New Found Lands
    12. What Happens When Populations Meet?

    Section 6: What use is an Evolutionary Perspective?
    13. Understanding the Past and Future of Phenotypic Variation
    14. Health Implications of Our Evolutionary Heritage
    15. Identity and Identification

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    The Art of Human Evolutionary Genetics
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    Chapter 1: Why Study Human Evolutionary Genetics?