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Case Studies in Veterinary Immunology

Publication Date:
May 01, 2017
Content Details:
198 pages | 49 illustrations

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Case Studies in Veterinary Immunology presents basic immunological concepts in the context of actual cases seen in clinics. It is intended for veterinary medicine students, interns, residents, and veterinarians, and serves as a valuable supplement and companion to a variety of core immunology textbooks and courses.

    The book includes cases describing primary immune system defects, secondary immune system defects, and hypersensitivity and autoimmune disorders, as well as dysproteinemias and lymphoid neoplasia. Drawing on the successful approach of Geha’s Case Studies in Immunology, each representative case is preceded by a discussion of the principles underlying that specific immunological mechanism. The case itself includes the presenting complaint (signalment), physical examination findings, pertinent diagnostic laboratory data, diagnosis, and treatment options. In those instances in which a specific disorder occurs in both animals and humans, the differences and similarities in the immunological mechanisms and manifestations of the disease are explored. End of case questions highlight important concepts and serve as a review aid for students. Details on standard vaccines and vaccination schedules, as well as descriptions of the types of assays used for evaluation of the immune system, are included as appendices.


      • Provides a comprehensive overview of the immunological conditions most frequently encountered in clinics, including primary immune system defects, secondary immune system defects, hypersensitivity and autoimmune disorders, and dysproteinemias and lymphoid neoplasia.
      • Each case features a presenting complaint (signalment), physical examination findings, pertinent diagnostic laboratory data, diagnosis, and treatment options.
      • Appendices on standard vaccines and vaccination schedules and the types of assays used for evaluation of the immune system have been included as a handy reference tool.
      • JPEGs and PowerPoint slides of all book figures are available to instructors in Instructor Resources on
      • Can be used as both a clinical companion to core immunology textbooks and a helpful reference tool for practicing veterinary professionals.
  • Contents

    1. Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia—Canine
    2. Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency—Bovine
    3. Cyclic Neutropenia—Canine
    4. Chediak–Higashi Syndrome—Feline
    5. Severe Combined Immunodeficiency—Equine
    6. Selective IgA Deficiency—Canine
    7. Failure of Passive Transfer—Equine
    8. Feline Leukemia Virus—Feline
    9. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus—Feline
    10. Bovine Virus Diarrhea Virus—Bovine
    11. Marek’s Disease—Avian
    12. Infectious Bursal Disease—Avian
    13. Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex—Bovine
    14. Allergic Asthma—Feline
    15: Atopic Dermatitis—Canine
    16. Culicoides Hypersensitivity—Equine
    17. Systemic Anaphylaxis—Equine
    18. Neonatal Isoerythrolysis—Equine
    19. Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia—Canine
    20. Evan’s Syndrome—Equine
    21. Pemphigus Foliaceus—Canine
    22. Acquired Myasthenia Gravis—Canine
    23. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus—Canine
    24. Purpura Hemorrhagica—Equine
    25. Contact Dermatitis—Canine
    26. Autoimmune Thyroiditis—Canine
    27. Recurrent Airway Obstruction—Equine
    28. Flea Allergy Dermatitis—Canine
    29. Multiple Myeloma—Canine
    30. Feline Infectious Peritonitis—Feline
    31. Monocytic Ehrlichiosis—Canine
    Appendix I: Vaccines and Vaccination Schedules
    Appendix II: The Clinical Immunology Laboratory
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    Instructor Resources

    Art of Case Studies in Veterinary Immunology
    Artwork available in PowerPoint and JPEG format.

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    Case 6: Selective IgA Deficiency—Canine


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