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A First Course in Systems Biology

Eberhard Voit
Publication Date:
March 27, 2012
Content Details:
496 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    A First Course in Systems Biology is a textbook designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Its main focus is the development of computational models and their applications to diverse biological systems.

    Because the biological sciences have become so complex that no individual can acquire complete knowledge in any given area of specialization, the education of future systems biologists must instead develop a student's ability to retrieve, reformat, merge, and interpret complex biological information.

    This book provides the reader with the background and mastery of methods to execute standard systems biology tasks, understand the modern literature, and launch into specialized courses or projects that address biological questions using theoretical and computational means. The format is a combination of instructional text and references to primary literature, complemented by sets of small-scale exercises that enable hands-on experience, and larger-scale, often open-ended questions for further reflection.


        • Each chapter begins with a set of "When you have read this chapter, you should be able to" objectives.
        • Boxes describing specific computational techniques.
        • End-of-chapter exercises, the solutions to which are available to instructors.
        • End-of-chapter references and suggestions for further reading.
    • Contents

      1: Biological Systems
      2: Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
      3: Static Network Models
      4: The Mathematics of Biological Systems
      5: Parameter Estimation
      6: Gene Systems
      7: Protein Systems
      8: Metabolic Systems
      9: Signaling Systems
      10: Population Systems
      11: Integrative Analysis of Genome, Protein, and Metabolite Data
      12: Physiological Modeling: the Heart as Example
      13: Systems Biology in Medicine and Drug Development
      14: Design of Biological Systems
      15: Emerging Topics in Systems Biology

    • Instructor Resources

      Instructor Resources

      For the following resources, verified instructors can visit the resource page for A First Course in Systems Biology.

      Images from the book available in JPEG & PowerPoint formats.

      Answers to end-of-chapter exercises are provided.


    • Student Resources

      Student Resources

      For the following resources, students can visit the resource page for A First Course in Systems Biology.

      Online flashcards available.

      An online searchable glossary is available.

      Data Tables
      Data tables available for end-of-chapter exercises.

      Hints to end-of-chapter exercises.

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    • Downloads

      Samples & Downloads

      Click on any of the links below to download a printable PDF of a sample chapter.

      Chapter 1: Biological Systems