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Genome Stability

DNA Repair and Recombination

James Haber
Publication Date:
December 16, 2013
Content Details:
396 pages | 313 illustrations

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Genome Stability: DNA Repair and Recombination describes the various mechanisms of repairing DNA damage by recombination, most notably the repair of chromosomal breaks. The text presents a definitive history of the evolution of molecular models of DNA repair, emphasizing current research. The book introduces the central players in recombination. An overview of the four major pathways of homologous recombinational repair is followed by a description of the several mechanisms of nonhomologous end-joining. Designed as a textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate students with a molecular biology and genetics background, researchers and practitioners, especially in cancer biology, will also appreciate the book as a reference.
  • Contents

    Chapter 1:  Restarting DNA Replication by Recombination 
    Chapter 2.   Double-strand Break Repair Pathways
    Chapter 3:  RecA/Rad51 and the Search for Homology
    Chapter 4.  Preparation of the RecA/Rad51 Filament
    Chapter 5.  Single-Strand Annealing
    Chapter 6.  Gene Conversion
    Chapter 7.  In vivo Biochemistry: Recombination in Yeast
    Chapter 8:  Break-induced Replication
    Chapter 9: Sister Chromatid Repair
    Chapter 10.  Gene Targeting
    Chapter 11. Site-specific Recombination
    Chapter 12. Cytology and Genetics of Meiosis
    Chapter 13.  Molecular Events During Meiotic Recombination
    Chapter 14   Holliday Junction Resolvases and Crossing-over
    Chapter 15. Nonhomologous End-joining
    Chapter 16.  DNA Damage Checkpoints and Genome Instability
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    • PDF of the Appendix “Evolution of Models of Homologous Recombination”

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