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Concepts in Biochemistry

Paulo Almeida
Publication Date:
March 14, 2016
Content Details:
398 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Proteins: Concepts in Biochemistry teaches the biochemical concepts underlying protein structure, evolution, stability, folding, and enzyme kinetics, and explains how interactions in macromolecular structures determine protein function. Intended for a one-semester course in biochemistry or biophysical chemistry with a focus on proteins, this textbook emphasizes the logic underlying biophysical chemical principles.

    Problems throughout the book encourage statistical and quantitative thinking. The text is ideal for senior undergraduates, first year graduate students, and practitioners in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, and biophysics.


    • Focuses on the interdisciplinary aspect of protein biophysical chemistry, offering a quantitative description of proteins that integrates concepts from organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and biology.
    • Written in consideration of the requirements for an ACS-certified BS degree in chemistry, the text meets the recommendations of the American Chemical Society, National Research Council, and National Science Foundation to feature more biochemistry and quantitative study in the life sciences.
    • Each chapter ends with problem sets, with a complete solutions manual available to instructors, and key references for further reading.
  • Contents

    1.Statistical Thermodynamics of Biological Molecules
    2.Protein Structure
    3.Evolution of Protein Sequence and Structure
    4.Protein Stability
    5.Protein Folding
    6.Binding, Allostery, and Cooperativity
    7.Enzyme Kinetics
    Appendix A. Calculation of the excess heat capacity curve of protein thermal denaturation
    Appendix B. Calculation of the average helicity from the partition function
    Appendix C. Solution of rate equations for two-state system
  • Instructor Resources

    Instructor Resources

    Artwork available in PowerPoint® and JPEG formats.

    Solutions to end-of-chapter problem sets.

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