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Molecular Biology

Structure and Dynamics of Genomes and Proteomes

Jordanka Zlatanova, Kensal van Holde
Publication Date:
November 23, 2015
Content Details:
648 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Molecular Biology: Structure and Dynamics of Genomes and Proteomes illustrates the essential principles behind the transmission and expression of genetic information at the level of DNA, RNA, and proteins.

    This textbook emphasizes the experimental basis of discovery and the most recent advances in the field while presenting a structural, mechanistic understanding of molecular biology that is rigorous, yet concise. The text is written for advanced undergraduate or graduate-level courses in molecular biology.


      • Vivid illustrations convey step-by-step mechanisms and explain fundamental principles. The text and figures describe results from new techniques that allow insight into processes at the molecular level both in vitro and in vivo.

      • Chapter boxes present historic accounts, extended descriptions of methods, additional cell biology context, and medically-relevant material.

      • The flexible presentation of both essential and advanced material ensures the book can meet the needs of both upper-level undergraduate and early graduate-level audiences.

      • Each chapter ends with a list of key concepts and references for further reading.


      "The authors draw a seamless connection between the classical molecular and cell biology techniques and numerous recent advances…[Their] efforts toward inculcating a sense of history in every discovery and concept is nailed in every chapter."
      - The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, December 2016, Volume 89, Issue 4

  • Contents

    Chapter 1: To the Cell and Beyond: The Realm of Molecular Biology
    Chapter 2: From Classical Genetics to Molecular Genetics
    Chapter 3: Proteins
    Chapter 4: Nucleic Acids
    Chapter 5: Recombinant DNA: Principles and Applications
    Chapter 6: Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions
    Chapter 7: The Genetic Code, Genes, and Genomes
    Chapter 8: Physical Structure of the Genomic Material
    Chapter 9: Transcription in Bacteria
    Chapter 10: Transcription in Eukaryotes
    Chapter 11: Regulation of Transcription in Bacteria
    Chapter 12: Regulation of Transcription in Eukaryotes
    Chapter 13: Transcription Regulation in the Human Genome
    Chapter 14: RNA Processing
    Chapter 15: Translation: The Players
    Chapter 16: Translation: The Process
    Chapter 17: Regulation of Translation
    Chapter 18: Protein Processing and Modification
    Chapter 19: DNA Replication in Bacteria
    Chapter 20: DNA Replication in Eukaryotes
    Chapter 21: DNA Recombination
    Chapter 22: DNA Repair
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    Instructor Resources

    Art of Molecular Biology

    The images from the book are available in two convenient formats: PowerPoint and JPEG.

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    • Instructor Dashboard displays data on student performance, such as responses to individual questions and how long it took to complete assignments.
    • Tutorials explain essential or difficult concepts and are integrated with a variety of questions that assess student engagement and mastery of the material. The tutorials were created by Kristopher Koudelka, Point Loma Nazarene University.

  • Student Resources

    Student Resources


    Each chapter contains flashcards, built into the student website, that allow students to review key terms from the text.


    The complete glossary from the book is online and can be searched or browsed.

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